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Farm Field

co people.

your people.

what fuels our passion is how food has the capacity to inspire.

it inspires us to celebrate, to collaborate, to create

and to ask important questions about who we are and what we live for.

join us as we go. we're headed wherever the road takes us;

burning lasting memories, building strong friendships and

stirring up new traditions along the way.


this spot on south chuckanut drive at bow hill road is the crossroads;

connecting east-west from the cascade mountains to the pacific ocean +

north-south from the rocky shoreline through the skagit valley flats. 

it has been many things over the decades in the tiny village of bow:

a general store, pizza place, auto body shop, restaurant and

full serve gas station. at one time it was known as the

chuckanut valley store and the big yellow sign is still around.


this spot.

the name cob + cork is a tribute to the soil and water that surround us.

cob: as in corn cob

but also stocky riding horse, a male swan, a mixture of unburned clay and straw used for constructing walls of small houses in england and a crudely struck old spanish coin.

cork: as in the cork that keep a fishing net afloat

and also a stopper for a bottle or jug, the outer layer of the cork oak and a county in ireland.

the foundation.

we take time to craft your food and drink, paying attention to details and listening to the seasons. we source from neighbors in the valley and beyond: potatoes, herbs, produce, berries, honey,  yogurt, cheese; fresh local oysters and shellfish; free-range, antibiotic and hormone free meat, sustainably harvested wild fish + plants; honoring these incredible ingredients by making and baking from scratch.

cob + cork

Try our monthly recipes then send your pics for us to post.

Test Kitchen

Bar Craft

     photos from our family albums

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